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20 years ago the beginning stage of well life cycle included tests and researches that did not make possible to fully control a deposit extraction.

The modern extraction method makes possible to get the deposit condition information on-line during the well life time. This makes possible to control a deposit condition during extraction and increase the oil recovery index. Giving high-precision indication of pressure and temperature during the whole life time including investigation and test the advanced downhole equipment provides with the essential data for:

  1. Receiving the most complete and reliable data regarding layer structure and properties for measuring reserves and forming an extraction project;
  2. Revision of necessary for further design information regarding hydrodynamic properties of the extracted well;
  3. Receiving the essential data regarding the extraction dynamics for the further extraction control;
  4. Efficiency evaluation of oil extraction intensification (bottom hole treatment, hydraulic fracturing, SAGD, WAG, etc.);
  5. Removing of licensing risks;
  6. Closing issues of license obligations.

Using of the permanent well equipment increase extraction efficiency on account of:

  • Real figures instead of calculated;
  • Selection of the best operating mode;
  • Problem detection at early operating stages;
  • Repair plan arrangement and many other things.

The economic effect can exceed the expenses many times. This efficient equipment is able to become a source of valuable information for main geologist services and well extraction specialists.

Permanent Downhole Monitoring - Scheme

Argosy Group of Companies selects, supplies, penetrates and follows the permanent downhole monitoring systems which provide with the general information of layer nonuniformity.