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Argosy Technologies in co-operation with suppliers of the core & fluid analysis instruments, down hole monitoring systems, in-house well testing equipment and flow measurement skids with proprietary electronics and data acquisition software allow our customers to make an intelligent decisions from real-time data which leads to improved recovery rates, production enhancement, lowering operating costs, and extending the well life.

Argosy Technologies team of experts could help to identify the most cost effective way to operate and manage a single well, group of wells or entire reservoir based on individual customer’s field specifics and common data advanced modeling software accessible for the Regional Customer’s Association.

20 years ago the beginning stage of well life cycle included tests and researches that did not make possible to fully control a deposit extraction.

The modern extraction method makes possible to get the deposit condition information on-line during the well life time. This makes possible to control a deposit condition during extraction and increase the oil recovery index. Giving high-precision indication of pressure and temperature during the whole life time including investigation and test the advanced downhole equipment provides with the essential data for:

  1. Receiving the most complete and reliable data regarding layer structure and properties for measuring reserves and forming an extraction project;
  2. Revision of necessary for further design information regarding hydrodynamic properties of the extracted well;
  3. Receiving the essential data regarding the extraction dynamics for the further extraction control;
  4. Efficiency evaluation of oil extraction intensification (bottom hole treatment, hydraulic fracturing, SAGD, WAG, etc.);
  5. Removing of licensing risks;
  6. Closing issues of license obligations.

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Any new field development requires an appraisal well testing; it is crucial for further execution and evaluation. Argosy Technologies in partnership with world leading equipment vendors could provide high-performance, state-of-the-art systems with sophisticated data acquisition, processing and data delivery technology are used to ensure accurate and representative well-test data.

Argosy Technologies well-testing system solution allows to perform:

  • Well-Test Design and Analysis
  • Surface Well Test Equipment
  • Surface and Downhole Data Acquisition
  • Data Management and Real-Time Transmission
  • Multiphase flow metering