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Pycnometric Density Meter Calibration Benches

The Benches can be used for flow density meters testing and calibration.

Laboratory Unit

Laboratory StationThe laboratory unit consists of four pycnometers (specific gravity bottles). Two of them are heavily utilized in the measurement process, while the remaining are used as control devices and can operate as primary devices at the moment. The other two working pycnometers are being tested. Due to its design features this bench is used continuously, without decommissioning for testing purposes.

The pycnometer’s body has thermal insulation and is protected from ambient environment. This feature secures high accuracy in measurement process.

Portable Pycnometric Unit PPU-Argosy

Portable PicnometerThere is no need to stop operation process. The portable unit can perform tests directly on-site without taking out the flow density meters from the pipeline.

Portable PicnometerField application allows better monitoring of its performance.

Hydraulic circuit of the unit is assembled in the temperature-controlled cabinet, which enhances reading accuracy and cuts down the man hours during tests.

Dynamic Viscosity Meter Calibration Bench UPD-1-AT

Workstations for tests of low viscosity transducersUPD-1-AT is designed for the dynamic viscosity meters tests and calibration by industrial test laboratories in the oil and gas industry.

The working principle of this device is based on the comparison between the measurements of the working device and of the incorporated measuring capillary. This principle allows to by-pass the use of state standard density samples for calibration.

The bench is a double circuit system, operating on one liquid. The reference capillary is installed in the smaller circuit. The tested device is placed in a larger circuit of the system.

UPD-1-AT is fully automated and remotely controlled from the operator’s workplace with special software.

Water Cut Calibration Bench R-AT-MM/VL

Test station for flow transducers of water content in oilR-AT-MM/VL is designed for multiphase flow meter testing and calibration by industrial calibration laboratories in the oil and gas industries.

The bench allows replicating the specified volumetric percentage of water in water-oil emulsion by dispensing the calculated volumes of oil and brine solution in a closed circuit. Exact values are determined by mass flow meters to achieve the required mixture for calibration of the water cut meters.

The stations are fully automated and enable measurements with minimal operator's involvement during the operation.

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Validation Loops for Liquid Flow Meters

Validation loops are designed as a working standard for testing and calibration of water meters, volume or mass fluid counters-flow meters, as well as pipe-pistol units, performed by test laboratories in the oil and gas industries.

The loops allow replicating the specified values of the liquid consumption flow through a pumping system. Value for mass and volume of liquid is determined by high-precision weighing system or reference counters-flow meters incorporated in the station.

The validation loops are fully automated and enable measurements with minimal involvement of the operator during the process.

Software for Test stations for flow transducers of water content in oil


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