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SATURN Well Testing & Metering System (MMS) is a cluster well measurement skid similar to AGZU Sputnik. SATURN is a patented solution and registered trade mark of Argosy. It is the most advanced system on today's market with the R-AT-MM control unit to provide liquid and petroleum gas measurements in accordance with new GOST R 8.615-2005. It's design allows for measurement of the average mass flow of crude oil, average volumetric flow of petroleum gas from one or more (cluster) oil wells.

SATURN utilizes R-AT-MM Coriolis flow meters ("private label" agreement with Micro Motion) for liquid and gas lines. In addition the liquid line is equipped with the Argosy's patented full cut water cut meter ВСН-АТ (0-100%).

Saturn MMS provides data output (mass and volume flow rate, temperature, pressure and density) on the operator’s LCD display. Also it enables to control the drive of multi-stream switch manifold to communicate with the remote terminal units (RTU). The system can also store data and generate customized reports.

Work safety and convenience

Saturn MMS includes the following life-supporting systems:

Saturn MMS

  • Heating System
  • Lighting System
  • Air-forced Ventilation System
  • Fire-Alarm System
  • Gas Analyzers
  • System of Audio and Light Alarm
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Security Alarm System (Watchdog System)

Link to a mobile measurement station is installed for the system testing on the oil well cluster. On the bottom of the units there are pipe branches to remove oil spill.

Saturn MMS (mounted on metal foundation)Modes of operation

  • Taking measurements by means of the separator in the manual mode
  • Taking measurements by means of the separator in the auto mode
  • No measurements are taken during by-pass pipeline operation


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