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AT loading/unloading systemArgosy Technologies supplies innovative loading/unloading systems for tank farms, oil terminals, fuel depots, well stations and dispensing units.

AT loading/unloading systems state-of-the-art innovative solutions designed for simultaneous highly accurate mass and volume measurement during the discharge or loading petroleum products at: tank farms, fuel depots, railroad tank cars, vehicle filling and fuel dispensing stations, oil and avia terminals, pipelines etc.

Measurement error does not exceed ±0.15% at the rough Russian ambient temperature range -40 C to +50 C . Special modifications of the systems enable product loading and registration at temperatures up to -60°C.

The in-house patented solution and combination of high accuracy, reasonable price, simplicity, low maintenance and reliability provides a fast ROI for the AT loading/unloading equipment.

AT systems measure mass flow rate, ranging from product discharge out of the railway tanks at the tank farms, up to filling the fuel into the vehicles at the petrol station.

  • Discharge of the railway tanks into the tank farm facilities
  • Tank-truck loading operation
  • Tank-truck discharge at the petrol station
  • Filling of the vehicle petrol tanks through a dispensing unit

AT loading/unloading system components:

AT loading/unloading system

  1. Mass flow meter
  2. Gas separator (rectifier)
  3. Two-stage hydraulic valve
  4. Local control station (terminal)
  5. Controller with electronic indicating device
  6. Control device of grounding connection


Several designs for filling units and loading racks

Example of location of stations with consoles of top loading on the bilateral loading rack Example of location of stations with consoles for bottom loading Example of using combined top and bottom loading system

AT Fuel Dispensing Stations

High performing AT systems are designed for vehicle refuel at petrol and pumping stations with reading capability in mass and volume units by using real time metering data taken by leading precision Coriolis flow meters.


  • No moving parts in the flow meter
  • Increased quantity of the hydraulic units
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliability of electronics performance in a wide range of extreme temperatures
  • Mass/volume measurement of the petroleum products with an error of ±0.15% within the operating temperature range
  • Minimal cost of operation and cost of ownership

Self-priming and pressure-type versions AT systems made out of stainless steel are available.

For high-speed refueling of the heavy duty trucks,
stations with fuel consumption/discharge flow rate up to 400 l/min are available.


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