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On Line Water Cut MetersApplications

  • Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
  • Custody Transfer Skids
  • Multiphase Meters
  • Well Testing Systems
  • Tank Dewatering Control
  • Pipeline Monitornig
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Emulsion and Organic Fluid
  • Heat Power Generation

General Specifications

Ambient Temperature range -40°C to +65°С
Process Fluid Temperature range +5°C to +85°С, High Temp Optional
Residual Content of Free Gas, by volume 5% max
Salinity range, by mass 0.3÷30 %
Process Fluid Density range 500 to 1200 kg/m3
Process Fluid Pressure in the pipeline up to 6 MPa max.
Automatic Density adjustment Optional
Digital Output RS-485 MODBUS RTU
Analog Output 4-20 mA
Power Requirements 24V DC
Sensor Material Stainless Steel 316L
Available Ranges 0-4%; 0-10%; 0-20%; 0-50%; 0-100%;
Repeatability +/- 0.01% to 0,2%
Connections 1”, 2”, 3”, 4” ANSI #300 or ANSI #600 RF
Quality Assurance ISO 9001

Key Features

The key feature of ВСН-АТ meter is the wideband digital frequency generator (DDS) to ensure such unique advantages as:

  • Ability to analyze a wide frequency range as opposed to one or few frequencies (typically up to four frequencies maximum)
  • Frequency output is stabilized by crystal oscillator and has virtually zero dependence on the ambient temperature
  • Automatic statistical-analysis based on Fourier transformation
  • ВСН-АТ electronic hardware compatibility with water-cut meter from other vendors
ВСН-АТ Competitors
Sample Representation Full flow analysis Small flow fraction analysis
Sensitivity High Medium or Low
Dependence on flow rate No Yes
Temperature correction Included No
Frequency 50-400 MHz Fixed frequencies or Optical range
Computation capability Statistical analysis of frequency response curve Polynomial approximation

On Line Water Cut Meters

AT-8000 Series includes measurement modules and controllers, developed on the basis of 32-bit ARM9 and AVR32 RISC-processor architectures, terminal modules, and communication modules (interface converters, RF modems, signal standardization modules, IS barriers etc.).

AT-8000 Controllers are reliable devices of choice for many O&G clients in a wide range of real-time harsh field applications due to following standard and customized features:

  • Data Transmission and Communication
  • Calculations
  • System Control
  • Digital Input Control
  • Analog and Digital Input Visualization
  • Digital Output Control
  • Direct Current Measurement (4 to 20 mA)
  • Current Output Shaping (4 to 20 mA)
  • Input Frequency Counting

AT-8000 Series modules and controllers could also be used in other industries like chemical, transportation etc.


PLC Controller AT-8008

Universal processor module

PLC Controller AT-8111

Processor module

PLC Controller AT-8123

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CCM Well Metrology SystemThe CCM skid is an upgrade of the traditional two-phase separator. It utilizes the standard industry methods for water cut and gas/liquid flow measurement. With the CCM, well testing can be performed quickly and accurately due to the amount of liquid volume and short amount of time required to establish equilibrium.

We perform calibration and testing in order to guarantee product's operational performance.

An integrated control system has been designed to simplify operation, improve performance and to achieve maximum system reliability.

No extra transmitters, PLCs, or PCs are required for MMS multiphase measurement seporator. It can be used as a stand-alone system, operating through the local interface, control, display, or remotely, through the digital interface via Modbus

ССМ advantages:

  • Reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Wide range of measurements
  • Low maintenance
  • Re-configuration capability
  • Separation process monitoring
  • Regional service support (more then 15 locations)


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SATURN Well Testing & Metering System (MMS) is a cluster well measurement skid similar to AGZU Sputnik. SATURN is a patented solution and registered trade mark of Argosy. It is the most advanced system on today's market with the R-AT-MM control unit to provide liquid and petroleum gas measurements in accordance with new GOST R 8.615-2005. It's design allows for measurement of the average mass flow of crude oil, average volumetric flow of petroleum gas from one or more (cluster) oil wells.

SATURN utilizes R-AT-MM Coriolis flow meters ("private label" agreement with Micro Motion) for liquid and gas lines. In addition the liquid line is equipped with the Argosy's patented full cut water cut meter ВСН-АТ (0-100%).

Saturn MMS provides data output (mass and volume flow rate, temperature, pressure and density) on the operator’s LCD display. Also it enables to control the drive of multi-stream switch manifold to communicate with the remote terminal units (RTU). The system can also store data and generate customized reports.

Work safety and convenience

Saturn MMS includes the following life-supporting systems:

Saturn MMS

  • Heating System
  • Lighting System
  • Air-forced Ventilation System
  • Fire-Alarm System
  • Gas Analyzers
  • System of Audio and Light Alarm
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Security Alarm System (Watchdog System)

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R-AT-MM Metering System for Liquid & GasR-AT-MM is the Argosy Technologies Ltd. new innovative development to provide an integrated flow measurement and quality monitoring solution for upgrading oil separator systems, known as multi well AGZU "Sputnik", in Russia and the CIS. The unique solution, patented and approved by Russia's GOST and Gosgortekhnadzor, is designed for automatic multiphase measurement and quality monitoring of hydrocarbon flow coming out right from the wellhead. The Argosy Technologies system, known as R-AT-MM measuring system, using Micro Motion® Coriolis meters, Argosy's full cut ВСН-АТ water cut analyzers etc. delivers a total solution including high accuracy data acquisition, accumulation, processing and communication as per modern industry requirements and standards.

Challenges facing customers in this upgrade process are identifying a solution that can be used in the rugged and diverse oil fields in the region that offer low maintenance and high reliability, yet are capable of providing accurate fiscal measurement of both the oil and the gas coming off of the AGZU "Sputnik" oil separator. Global and regional service capability is key to Argosy's continued success.

In order to meet the new Russian GOST R 8-615-2005 requirements and also be able to provide a low-cost upgrade solution for the older, existing AGZU Sputniks in the field and new AGZU Saturns (advanced patented Argosy equivalent of the Sputnik) for the new well sites, Argosy has undertaken substantial research and numerous field tests in the West Siberian region since 2003. Argosy engineers have found that its R-AT-MM system which is based on Micro Motion Coriolis mass meters, Argosy's water cut meters, and the key element R-AT-MM controller, best serves the needs of these customers. Designed and produced by Argosy Technologies in Russia, more than 1500 R-AT-MM upgrade systems have been installed and are successfully being operated by the major Russian oil and gas companies.


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AT loading/unloading systemArgosy Technologies supplies innovative loading/unloading systems for tank farms, oil terminals, fuel depots, well stations and dispensing units.

AT loading/unloading systems state-of-the-art innovative solutions designed for simultaneous highly accurate mass and volume measurement during the discharge or loading petroleum products at: tank farms, fuel depots, railroad tank cars, vehicle filling and fuel dispensing stations, oil and avia terminals, pipelines etc.

Measurement error does not exceed ±0.15% at the rough Russian ambient temperature range -40 C to +50 C . Special modifications of the systems enable product loading and registration at temperatures up to -60°C.

The in-house patented solution and combination of high accuracy, reasonable price, simplicity, low maintenance and reliability provides a fast ROI for the AT loading/unloading equipment.

AT systems measure mass flow rate, ranging from product discharge out of the railway tanks at the tank farms, up to filling the fuel into the vehicles at the petrol station.

  • Discharge of the railway tanks into the tank farm facilities
  • Tank-truck loading operation
  • Tank-truck discharge at the petrol station
  • Filling of the vehicle petrol tanks through a dispensing unit

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Pycnometric Density Meter Calibration Benches

The Benches can be used for flow density meters testing and calibration.

Laboratory Unit

Laboratory StationThe laboratory unit consists of four pycnometers (specific gravity bottles). Two of them are heavily utilized in the measurement process, while the remaining are used as control devices and can operate as primary devices at the moment. The other two working pycnometers are being tested. Due to its design features this bench is used continuously, without decommissioning for testing purposes.

The pycnometer’s body has thermal insulation and is protected from ambient environment. This feature secures high accuracy in measurement process.

Portable Pycnometric Unit PPU-Argosy

Portable PicnometerThere is no need to stop operation process. The portable unit can perform tests directly on-site without taking out the flow density meters from the pipeline.

Portable PicnometerField application allows better monitoring of its performance.

Hydraulic circuit of the unit is assembled in the temperature-controlled cabinet, which enhances reading accuracy and cuts down the man hours during tests.

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