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Dry-block Calibrators

Dry-block calibrators for fast and efficient true temperature calibration. Designed for both on-site and laboratory use. The operation of a dry-block temperature calibrator is basically very simple. It heats up or cools down a metal block and keeps the temperature stable. You just place your sensor-under-test in the metal block - your temperature reference.

  • Universal input for sensor-under-test
  • Input for external reference probe
  • Automatic switch test
  • RS 232 and AmeCal calibration software
  • Multi information display + numeric keyboard
  • Autostepping
  • Stability indicator
  • Count-down timer (shows when unit is stable)
  • Automatic, stand-alone calibration system
  • Up- and download of work orders (calibrations)
  • Temperature range -45 to 1200°C

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Primary Standards (Deadweight Testers)

Deadweight testers are superior to all digital systems. Use the deadweight testers as your company's primary standard or to calibrate very critical pressure gauges as in custody transfer applications.

Pneumatic Deadweight Testers

These self-regulating floating-ball testers offer a high level of accuracy independent of the operator and have earned their reputation as the 'standard of primary standards'. Pneumatic deadweight testers are available for pressures as low as 4 inH2O (10 cmH2O) or as high as 1500 psi (100 bar). Pneumatic testers have accuracies up to ±0.015% of reading and repeatability up to ±0.005% of reading. These testers are superior to all digital systems.

Hydraulic deadweight testers

Achieve the highest possible accuracy of pressure generation and measurement with hydraulic deadweight testers. Hydraulic testers offer excellent performance and long-term stability and they feature a proven design that will deliver years of trouble-free operation.

  • Repeatability better than ±0.005% of reading
  • Accuracy up to ±0.025% of reading and even better using a additional converter
  • Dual volume control valve delivers high volume to rapidly build pressure
  • Vernier adjustment for fine adjustment of pump pressure
  • Re-entrant type piston and cylinder assembly maintains accuracy as test pressure increases and improves the spin and float times
  • Single and dual-column versions. Conversion kits available
  • Enclosed piston/cylinder assembly for safe operation
  • Available engineering units: psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2

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These calibrators enables you measure and simulate mA, V, mV, Ohm, loop supply, transmitters and thermocouples. These pocket-size calibrators can also provide 24 VDC power for 4-20 mA and 0-20 mA transmitters.

These signal calibrators are substantial enough to cover all your needs for a process signal calibrator with superior accuracy and compact enough to fit into your toolbox and operate with one hand for easy field calibration. You can combine these versatile calibrators with the external pressure modules or a dry-block calibrator to meet your calibration needs.