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Bottom Loading SystemsOur bottom-loading systems offer many advantages over the conventional top-loading systems. Safety is key when operating the loading arm. Our bottom-loading systems allow the operator to remain on the ground, instead of on top of the vehicle, where accidents, such as falls, often occur. Bottom-loading systems create less turbulence in the tank during loading/unloading, thus reducing the chances of creating static electricity. Speed is also an advantage of our bottom-loading systems. Quicker connections and the ability to load multiple compartments simultaneously allow overall loading time to be significantly reduced. Bottom-loading systems can be easily adapted to fully recover displaced vapors during loading, thus saving you money. They are also simpler and less expensive to design and build. Argosy Technologies, Ltd. offers a field-proven lineup of loading and unloading systems which can be customized to fit your applications.

Key Features of Argosy Technologies, Ltd. Bottom-loading Systems:

  • Safe container loading/unloading
  • Simultaneous loading of multiple compartments w/ different fuel types
  • Elimination of spillage by dry sleeve application