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Top Loading SystemsOur top-loading arms provide the most efficient and cost-effective method of loading/unloading for many applications. Loading systems should possess several features in order to be maximally efficient. Sufficient horizontal range is important for reaching all areas of the vehicle with ease, and sufficient vertical range and drop-pipe length is required to conform to vehicles of varying heights. When used in conjunction with specially designed and engineered components (such as vapor plates, tapered hatch plugs, and inflatable hatch seals), top-loading systems can also be used for tight-fill and vapor recovery applications. We also offer a wide range of valves, fittings, and other instrumentation.

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Bottom Loading SystemsOur bottom-loading systems offer many advantages over the conventional top-loading systems. Safety is key when operating the loading arm. Our bottom-loading systems allow the operator to remain on the ground, instead of on top of the vehicle, where accidents, such as falls, often occur. Bottom-loading systems create less turbulence in the tank during loading/unloading, thus reducing the chances of creating static electricity. Speed is also an advantage of our bottom-loading systems. Quicker connections and the ability to load multiple compartments simultaneously allow overall loading time to be significantly reduced. Bottom-loading systems can be easily adapted to fully recover displaced vapors during loading, thus saving you money. They are also simpler and less expensive to design and build. Argosy Technologies, Ltd. offers a field-proven lineup of loading and unloading systems which can be customized to fit your applications.

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Loading ArmsWe offer the widest variety of loading arm configurations and specifications to meet and exceed the most demanding applications for loading and unloading rail cars and tank trucks, whether via top loading or bottom loading. We coordinate the integration of loading arms and access equipment to give you a hassle-free operational design to maximize the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading trucks and railcars.


  • A variety of swivel joints provide flexibility and leak free operations
  • Easy Operations
  • Product compatibility with metals and seals

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