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Tank Gaiging Systems  001Tank gauging systems is a powerful and intelligent systems designed for tank monitoring.

It can be employed as a single tank solution, or as part of a comprehensive multi-tank farm with metering systems and loading and offloading systems.


  • High precision level and measurement instruments
  • Multipoint tank temperature measurement instrument with local display
  • Tank measurement SCADA system
  • User friendly open system with standard communication protocols
  • Easy to install

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Argosy Technologies is a high standard "turn key" solution provider of complete metering solution for Oil & Gas industry.

We provide a wide range of custody transfer skids with professional designing, engineering, procurement, project management and after-sales support.

Our oil metering systems are designed according to the Russian GOST, Gosgortkehnadzor etc. requirements and State Regulations.

Selection of the correct metering components and technique is essential to the overall system performance. Our experienced engineers can assist in the initial design to ensure the final metering system meets the requirements of the project and its stakeholders. Selection is based on the process conditions, system cost and suitability for the project. Typical liquid metering techniques which would be considered include:

  • Coriolis
  • Turbine
  • Ultrasonic

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