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Argosy’s solution for processing used tires is the most environmentally friendly, safe and energy efficient and our approach is in full conformity with the requirements of Russian environmental agencies.Tire Recycle Plant - Scheme

However unlike many other well-known methods crumb rubber produced due to the Argosy innovative technologies saves its basic material characteristics (plasticity, elastic restraint coefficient etc.) and therefore is a perfect additive component for the high quality long lasting asphalt paving.

Here are some basic Argosy’s technology step to process any used tires:

  • preliminary shredder and crumbling them up to the relevant chip’s sizes in the secondary shredder;
  • grinder - granulator to obtain crumb rubber while separating steel cord with not more than 1% metal content;
  • fine granulator to get crumb rubber being reduced to 1,5-2 mm while separating fabric textile;
  • fine grinding reduced to 0,8-1,4 mm in final product cracker mill and bagging in Super Sacks (approx. 1000 kg each).

Next step: rubber crumb are blended at the customer’s hot mix plan at certain temperature in the two-section reaction tank with proprietary design.

Tire Recycle Plant Tire Recycle Plant
Tire Recycle Plant
Tire Recycle Plant

Typical asphalt rubber blend design contains up to 30% crumb rubber.

Advantages of the Argosy’s designed asphalt rubber blending equipment and binder:

  • control system is compatible with any hot mix plants
  • automatic technology control
  • up to 45 ton/hour blending unit
  • high hopper’s and two-section reaction tank’s capacity
  • high metering accuracy - highly sensitive weigh bridge and mass flow meters
  • continuous viscosity control – viscosity binder testing on a real-time basis
  • special pumps are developed in order to minimize wear-n-tear
  • 1 operator and 1 assistant could operate the complete plant
  • road pavement extended lifetime up to 10 years
  • considerable reduction of repair and maintenance cost
  • extension of overhaul period, particularly in regions with continental climate
  • "rubber roads" slip resistance
  • improvement of drainage properties of road pavement
  • noise reduction for "rubber roads"
Tire Recycle Plant Tire Recycle Plant
Tire Recycle Plant
Tire Recycle Plant

Depending on quality, size and morphological shape of the crumb it could be used for roofing, sport, facing, decorative coverings etc. applications.

Tire Recycle Plant Tire Recycle Plant

In 2008 this unique turn key first in the country project for the tire recycling and asphalt rubber blending plant have been successfully implemented by Argosy in Surgut. References available upon request.


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