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Argosy’s solution for processing used tires is the most environmentally friendly, safe and energy efficient and our approach is in full conformity with the requirements of Russian environmental agencies.Tire Recycle Plant - Scheme

However unlike many other well-known methods crumb rubber produced due to the Argosy innovative technologies saves its basic material characteristics (plasticity, elastic restraint coefficient etc.) and therefore is a perfect additive component for the high quality long lasting asphalt paving.

Here are some basic Argosy’s technology step to process any used tires:

  • preliminary shredder and crumbling them up to the relevant chip’s sizes in the secondary shredder;
  • grinder - granulator to obtain crumb rubber while separating steel cord with not more than 1% metal content;
  • fine granulator to get crumb rubber being reduced to 1,5-2 mm while separating fabric textile;
  • fine grinding reduced to 0,8-1,4 mm in final product cracker mill and bagging in Super Sacks (approx. 1000 kg each).

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