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Condition of available technological systems and managing methods, increasing of requirements for efficient use of natural resources require for a permanent attention to the technological processes development, technical facilities and management arrangement.

We define urgent and in-demand on the market the following tasks:

Increase of efficiency based on complex calculation of energy:

  • Inspection and analysis of production and consumption of energy;
  • Arrangement of streams: input and output, for the in-house needs and process emissions;
  • Estimation of natural and process procedures losses;
  • Real time balance/condition definition;
  • Detection of weak points and recommendations to increase the efficiency.

Extraction process arrangement:

  • Increasing of types of measurement equipment at an oil well;
  • Visual monitoring of the physical environment condition;
  • Estimation and recommendations for the best equipment operating mode.

Modification and arrangement of regulatory and methodological documents:

  • Development of regulations, standards, rules and requirements;
  • Development of technical features requirements;
  • Development of application regulations and rules for design of process complexes;
  • The tasks can cover in-plant, Russian and international sales.

Upgrade of stations:

  • Estimation of process stations condition;
  • Replacement of old-fashioned equipment;
  • Revealing of little mechanized and hand work;
  • Bringing of management quality, automation and control to the modern level.

Adjustment of stations to the specified figures:

  • Examination of wrong indication;
  • Analysis of wrong indication reasons;
  • Comparison of different kinds of indication;
  • Estimation of indication accuracy and recommendations.

Reasonable task sharing and resources release:

  • Examination of scope of managing, service and calculation work;
  • Providing with a service and automation work;
  • Recommendations and service;
  • Process automation.

Estimation improvement of the equipment condition and operating environment by creation of new or equipment of the available:

  • Metrological laboratories;
  • Material or equipment defect detection laboratories.