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Direct mass measurement principle sets Coriolis flowmeters apart from other technologies as mass measurement is not sensitive to changes in pressure, temperature, viscosity and density. Ability to measure liquids, slurries and gases makes Coriolis flowmeters the universal ones.

This type flowmeters use the Coriolis effect to measure the amount of mass moving through the element. The fluid to be measured runs through a U-shaped tube that is caused to vibrate in an angular harmonic oscillation. Due to the Coriolis forces, the tubes will deform and an additional vibration component will be added to the oscillation. This additional component causes a phase shift on some places of the tubes which can be measured with sensors.

The Coriolis flow meters are in general very accurate, better than ±0,1% with an turndown rate more than 100:1. The Coriolis meter can also be used to measure the fluids density.