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The 20th anniversary International Exhibition Autocomplex-2013 was held in Moscow on October 23-25, 2013. 125 companies from 11 countries took part in the exhibition, which drew over 6000 attendees.

Argosy specialists presented new measurement and metering systems, loading/unloading systems and fuel dispensers, designed and manufactured by Argosy, that had already demonstrated excellent performance at a number of fuel depots and service stations operated by major domestic companies.

Visitors to the exhibition stand noted many significant advantages of Argosy's technical solutions:

  • In-flow temperature, flow and density measurement;
  • Reliable operation at extreme temperatures (ranging from -60°C to +50°C);
  • Wide range of equipment and structures for loading facilities: loading racks, top loading arms, special equipment;
  • 2 year calibration interval.

Argosy Took Part in the Autocomplex-2013 ExhibitionArgosy Took Part in the Autocomplex-2013 Exhibition