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Argosy Technologies has started their fulfilment of the Vankorneft Calibration Laboratory project. The lab will include Argosy- proprietary manufactured calibration benches: a viscosity calibration rig, a water cut calibration loop, a pycnometric density meter calibration bench and a flowmeter calibration rig.

Argosy Metrology Equipment to be Used in Vankorneft Calibration Laboratory

Argosy Calibration Equipment to be Used in Rosneft Vankorneft Laboratory. 

Argosy's equipment and technology is produced to the highest engineering and technical standards, allowing unparalleled field performance and exceeding performance expectations.

The company offers a variety of systems suited to different environments, measurement ranges, and accuracies. Argosy's metrology equipment has been tested against national reference equipment, proving that AT products are accurate and reliable.