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Argosy designed and manufactured a custom CRON skid-mounted modular metering and measurement solutions commissioned by Tatneft.


The system is intended for metering the flow rates of any number of oil wells, from single wells to entire oil fields. The CRON system has many advantages:

  • Mobility
  • Easy on-site installation in minimal time
  • Wide-ranging metering functions, with and without separation
  • Crude and processed oil flow metering and quality measurement
  • Redundant control and monitoring lines
  • Fully-featured operator workstation: control, monitoring, and generation of field analysis reports

The system's operating conditions and measured parameters:

  • Fluid rate: up to 6,000 tons/day
  • Oil viscosity: up to 1,000 cSt
  • Fluid temperature: 0-100°C
  • Flow rate measurement accuracy: ±0.15%

This impressive range of operating conditions and measured parameters makes the system desirable and in-demand in Russian oil fields.