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In the end of May 2012, the senior management of Argosy held their annual meeting with the top managers of Emerson Process Management in California to discuss current issues pertaining to cooperation and ways of further expansion through the implementation of innovative solutions offered by both companies.

Award from Emerson 2012This year marks the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the firms.

The relationship enjoys dynamic development and a significant increase in turnover, which makes Argosy one of the world's largest consumers and suppliers of Emerson products. Primarily, it applies to Micro Motion meters (pressure gauges) produced by Emerson's division with which Argosy signed rather unique Private Label Agreement being in effect for the last seven years.

Throughout the course of the meeting, the parties discussed ways of further expansion of the partnership and reached a number of agreements that will provide additional technical and commercial benefits for Argosy's customers in Russia.

Award from MicroMotion (2007)